Monday, November 5, 2007

Click opera (Momus)
Momus is a musician of the future. His blog is often filled with bewildering concepts but I rate it a must read. Group this one with Ballardian, BLDGBLOG, and other futurist crap.

Enter at your own risk
The humoristic blog of a fat and lonely guy named Socratic. Almost too bitter, Socratic is also one of the funnier bloggers I have read.

Misanthropic Rants with an extra Side of Stupid: $2.99
Sgtred is another awesome soul, a rollerderby artist in Detroit. Snarky and good links abound.

My Boring Ass Life, the official home of Kevin Smith. Boy does this guy like to talk.

the wertz generation
Another of the funny motherfuckers I met on Livejournal. Priceless political verve and snark. Featured Articles
Behance is a productivity company. They're great.

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