Monday, November 5, 2007

Alien Loves Predator
Awesome comic about a Predator and an Alien who live together in an apartment in NY. It reminds me of Mad About You, but only because it's shot on location--the two guys are action figures and they really do live in a NY apartment and walk around on the street and stuff.

Analog Giant
One of the music blogs I try to follow, AG is focused on hip-hop and some indie-rock.

apophenia (danah boyd)
danah boyd is a researcher into social phenomena who works at Yahoo! She writes frequently about Facebook, myspace, and other social nets.

Ben Hammersley
Ben is a blogger and photographer in the UK who does websites for the BBC. His photography and viewpoints are quite Scientific.

Boing Boing Digital Emporium
A site for boingboing to promote inexpensive digital media. Cool idea.

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