Monday, October 29, 2007
An author's blog.

defunct for two years now.

I Heart Robots
not updated in almost two years.

The Lonely King's RP Room
A lonely guy (Maitreya, the same) on LJ and the campaign he's trying to get started.

GameBrink.Com News Feed
Raph's Website
website of raph koster, one of the mmorpg og's. pretty trenchant commentary on world-building.

The New York City Journals
a chornicle of one man's quest to recreate new york inside sim city 4.

Kingdom of Loathing Players Community
a kol blog. not updated much.

You read the strange leaflet...
another kol blog.

Tales of Lore from the Kingdom
yet another kol blog.
good evening
John hodgman's blog. Fuuuuucking funny.

Merlin Mann's Lists of 5ives
Random lists from the guy who writes 43folders.

Joe. My. God.
Funniest gay blog I'm reading.

CyDy Blog
funny dykes talk tech.

weblog: sex and fun
porn links and other non-porn-related links.
Girl Tools
I think it's about dildos?

The Assimilated Negro
Guy writes about humorous and political topics from a Black and Gay perspective.

A conservative bisexual nudist chick who likes foreign films and erotica. It's pretty hot.

A Biscuit of Many Parts
Some interesting intellectual links and a little erotica to boot.

A blog started by a woman whose husband is a transsexual.

Choogle on with Uncle Weed podcast
It's a pot podcast. I don't know how interesting that can be but I thought I'd give it a try.

an englishman in osaka
Just what it says. I love this blog.

An Eternal Thought in the Mind of Godzilla
A very Japanese blog that I think is written from San Fran.

Ironic Sans
Typology and design. I think it's also Japanese-related in some way.

Friday, October 26, 2007

the ODK
Octopus Drop Kick is devoted to Japan. Great.

TV in Japan
This link is out of date. Use
No longer active.

Japan Probe
Another view on Japan.

"I like *nice* men." (anne_jumps)
I like Anne a lot. She seems nice.
all watched over by machines of loving grace (primavera)
primavera is amazingly sweet. she makes amazing books and journals and sells them on eBay, along with used books she finds at local libraries.

Sits stagnant since July 2007. Drop this woman a line and convince her to come out of hiding.

diarrhea of the mouth, and a constipation of ideas (chronoso)
A college student and dork. Definitely a dork.

Dictate swift winged words, & fear not... (avung1)
An aging dork with kid lives out West somkewhere. One of my favorite writers, like Doghouse Riley, I always imagine him holding a fifth of bourbon.

evany's diary
one of the original bloggers and a friend of Joshua Allen, evany is SF old-school pre-bubble flair.
A girl in Britain. Kind of depressed.

mimi in NY
An English bird in NY, mimi writes for the Voice. she's funny too.

Tokyo Girl Down Under
A 2007 Webby winner, the Tokyo girl is actually from Britain. She's also very funny.

Weblog Wannabe
Not too familiar with this one--another female blogger.

Invisible Cities
One of nosearmy's own early blogs. Not very fun, delete.
You Can Really Taste The Despondency!
The aforementioned ZB's blog. Brilliant, nonsensical, charming. A+.

Through the Looking Glass
Ayerick's blog, delete from inactivity.

Tales From The Mad Sea Cow
Rhedkrow is some kind of a mad genius, one of my favorite people. She's in Australiza so she's extra crazy.

Gentleman and scholar, connoisseur of punk from days of old, syndicalist is another smart guy from livejournal.

Someone You Knew Long Ago
Maitreya is a games designer and a loner. His blog is about games and loneliness. But he seems very stable.
Alternately a politically-minded writer and a photographer of nudes.

Archie's Blood Car Blog
Out of date now that the festival has finished. Delete.

Follow the Fear
JuicenJen's blog. Delete, not updated in over a year.

The Playground
A friend of ZB's, delete. (Even though ZB is a great blogger others are not so great.)

Mountain of Judgment
Old-school comics satire and awesomeness.
Don To Earth
Probably the world's oldest blogger, Don Crowdis has stopped updating as of March 2007.

Zip's Mighty Blog
My friend Zip. He's good.

gorilla vs. bear
Mostly indie-rock focused music blog.

My Old Kentucky Blog
Another music blog.

Never News
I haven't explored this group blog which joins three writers:
Brando Watson writes blurbs, notes, and ramblings about his constant film intake.
Colin Reed Moon writes basic essays about his constant reading: comics, articles, poetry, magazines, etc.
Luke reports on his latest cartoons; from Adult Swim to DC Animated Universe, from 90's Disney to 60's Hanna-Barbera.
Razorblade Runner
This blog shut down after Jan 2007. Delete.

The Stencil
A dj in Brooklyn. Not really focused on music.

An indie-rock music blog.

Stones Throw Podcast
I've never listened to this podcast but I would give it a shot.

dj lobsterdust
Everyone should know of HomestarRunner.

Ben Cruachan (AU wildlife)
A bird and wildlife photographer in AU. Some amazing photos.

c h r o m a s i a
another photographer's blog.

Five Popular Givenchy Perfumes
delete; this address once belonged to another blog.

NeoFiles with RU Sirius on
Another podcast from R.U. Sirius.
A popular technews podcast. I think it has suffered since Rebecca Congdon left the show, but it's still ok.

The RU Sirius Show
One trippy mother. R.U. Sirius interviews various weirdos every week on his radio show.

driftglass (politics)
Ultra-liberal commentator lashes out at conservatives. Funny, but extremely bitter and given to polemic.

Early Warning
William Arkin is some kind of security and terrorism expert. Interesting views on current events that often contradict the official story.

Petty Larseny
A blog on atheism and rationalist topics.
Political Strategy
An old blog and boring too. Booted.

Deep Astronomy
Excellent, one of the two top astronomy blogs.

The Website at the End of the Universe
Linkblog focused on sci-fi and geeky topics.

dork magazine.
dork is a magazine about fashion, culture, and other junk in NYC, not written by dorks. it would have virtually no value for pure dorks so the name is a misnomer. These kids try too hard to be "cool" but they still make a good website.

On hiatus for the moment, Swapatorium collects the type of treasures found at yard sales and junk piles across America.
Independent and inexpensive fashion design storefront in Greenpoint. I should be checking this space more often.

Bradley Horowitz (Yahoo)
Tech talk from some guy in the Valley.

Chad Dickerson (Yahoo)
Much the same. consider deleting these.

Cool gadgets from all over. Very informative.

Jeffrey Veen
Author of "The Art and Science of Web Design," Veen is a well-known blogger in tech circles, but I will probably delete it.
Laughing Squid
A Webhosting company in SF, Laughing Squid also maintains this pretty good linkblog similar to BoingBoing.

A comic about game designers. It's not great but it's not a terrible comic, just a lot of industry jokes, which is why I'm reading it.

Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger
Scoble is the pundit of pundits right now on tech and commerce and business. Formerly at Microsoft, he now has his own web TV network ,Podtech.

Investigative reporting of new Web 2.0 companies and their services. Top-notch analysis and great headlines. Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design
Nielsen is a god in the realm of web development and it's not hard to see why. He analyzes every element of a web page to make sure it is operating at optimum efficiency. This stuff is magic for webpages.
Andy Baio doesn't update much anymore, which is a shame. Tech issues, industry analysis, and unrelated journalism.

Tech issues on a variety of topics. Good

web 2.01
Inactive, delete.

Notes from the Technology Underground
A blog by one of the editors of MAKE. He's also the author of several books on catapults. That's enough to keep him on the roll for now.

Mitch Kapor's Blog
The inventor of Lotus 1-2-3. Nuff said.
To the Teeth Rehearsal Schedule
Out of date.

Dave Cheong | Engineer to Entrepreneur
Techie topics and personal development. Geeky but very informative.

A day dream lived. (luminosity)
Surreal art and poetry. Absurdly simple on the surface but I am still interested after three years of browsing.

Bats Left Throws Right
James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley is a political commentator who takes aim at pundits on the right and other general asshats. I don't generally understand a lot of his topics but it is hell of funny.
Humor and other writing by Paul Ford. A+.
The Laughing Bone
I am more grateful for this blog than any other except BoingBoing and BLDGBLOG. Erudition and the excellence of an earlier age are present in this philosophical investigation that was begun by B. Jones and has been taken up in the wake of his passing by S. Casey.

The humor center for the ironic under-25 set, I haven't read McSweeney's regularly in some time, but I assure you, they bring the funny.

SFGate: Mark Morford
Indescribably open-minded and liberal and embracing the new and strange, Mark Morford is obviously from San Francisco. He has thousands of fans in the Midwest who send him obsessive letters every week, and he loves it.

Weekly Review
The feed is inactive but it's well worth tracking another one down. This is a weekly run-down of world events from Harper's that's incredibly surreal, disheartening, and encouraging often in the same paragraph.

The home of Joshua Allen. Very funny and a true old-school blog that you'd actually want to read.
feed doesn't work
Hitherby Dragons
fiction; hasn't updated since July
DO NOT WRITE HERE (only for stories imported from the paper):Cha
Charlie Brooker, columnist for Guardian.
Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
Great blog, collecting quotes from creative people about where they get their ideas.
Da Vinci Automata
Steampunk and clockpunk. A+.
New Urban Legends - Recent updates on snopes. I thought this might have some practicality but it might be time to put this one on probation.

I have no journal - This appears to be a foodie's LiveJournal, I'm deleting it.
My blogroll contains, at last count, 290 blogs. Some of them I have probably never read. This is an attempt to catalogue them all, and separate the wheat from the chaff.